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Title: Setting up custom P/O forms

Setting up new forms or modifying existing ones...

On my first attempt, I set up a form "S" for service billing. It was pretty easy to do. I copied PO form "F" to "S". Then I wanted to mark up all items in data base to End Book Pricing, and all Items not in data base by a percentage, so I changed e43 (Discounted price) to e56 (Mark-Up amount), and e38 (Extension) to e57 (Mark-up Extension) Changed the word Gross to Cost, took out tax and changed the word total to Bill Amount. At that point changed e41 (P/O Total) to e58 (Mark-up PO Total). e56 will default all items in data base to End book, to mark up the other items a percentage, in the lower left and corner under the other Field Format commands add, Markup=35 for say a 35% mark up.

On my second attempt I added Form "E" to show Cost Codes on the PO. Because this form will be the one I use most often I called it "E" because they are prioritized alphabetically, i.e. E is before F.

I wanted the Cost Code to show on the PO right after the Description e34 so I inserted e47 (Cost Code) 34-Spaces to the right of e34 and 11-Spaces before e36. Make sure to do a test print to make sure things line up right on printed copy. Make sure if you have multiple companies to do it for each company.

My next attempt will be to change the bitmap image. I will let you know how it works out.

I hope this helps.


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Added on: March 09 2005
Author/Source: Duane
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Posted by: Duane
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