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Apex 18.1 Posted by admin May 25 2018
4:51:35 PM
Apex 18.1 is shipping the week of May 21 2018. Depending on the version of Apex that you are running you should receive your update package by the end of May.

The release announcements are included in the update package and are also available for download from the Downloads area.

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Webcasts Posted by admin April 03 2006
3:03:11 PM
Webcasts are short "movies" about Apex that you can download from the Internet and watch at your convenience. They will cover a wide range of topics from purchasing "best practices" to Apex training sessions.

If you have not seen a Webcast before you can start with 101: Intro to Webcasts.

There will be a new Webcast every week or so, so please check back to see what'...

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Welcome Posted by admin December 27 2004
12:07:40 PM
Welcome to the Apex Web Portal!

The Apex user community has grown steadily over the past 15 years. With the many prestigious and diverse companies that are using Apex it occurs to me that our most important asset is Ė you! My hope is that the Apex Web Portal will be a place where you can come to get help with Apex, not only from me but from each other. You are welcome to ask questions, share ideas, give feedback, and tell me what you like and what you donít like about Apex.

Working toge...

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Getting Started with the Apex Portal Posted by admin December 27 2004
11:55:57 AM
Here are some quick ideas to help you get started with the Apex Web Portal.
  1. Register! You will see a link to register at the upper left. You will need to register to be able to add your own information to the web site and have access to private forums.
  2. Try out the Control Panel. The link is at the upper right, under "Log Out". This gives you a quick snapshot of what's happening.
  3. Check out the features, especially the forums. The forums are where you can excha...

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