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 SQL Query Recipes
 Recipe: Database counts
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Posted - October 01 2006 :  3:29:12 PM  Show Profile Send a private message to admin
Want to know how many P/Os are in Apex? The following recipe counts the records in each Apex table.
Note that this query can take a few minutes if you have a lot of data.
SQL Query Recipe

DECLARE @next char(20)
SELECT @next = ' '
WHILE @next is not null BEGIN
SELECT @next = min(name) FROM sysobjects
WHERE type = 'U' AND name > @next
IF @next is not null EXEC ('SELECT Name='''+@next+''', Records = count(*) FROM '+@next)

Authorization Code: FBB2

Table definitions
Brdir: Branch directories for Apex home office exports.
Category: Expense categories used in advanced accounting system interfaces.
CoCat: Company Item Catalog (aka Quick Codes).
Comcost: Commodity code to cost code translations.
COMMCD: Commodity codes.
Company: Companies.
CompPrc: Comparative price analysis holding for P/O line moving.
Costcode: Cost Codes.
Dellog: Deletion log; used to keep track of P/O and P/O line deletions to be submitted to your accounting system.
DescAbrv: Description abbreviations; used for keyword searching.
Discount: Vendor discounts.
Division: Company divisions.
Flowrpt: Temporary storage for the Material Flow report.
FOB: FOB list.
Image: Scanned documents and graphics used on P/O forms.
Job: Jobs.
Jobcost: Job cost budgets.
JobPhase: Job phases.
JobPhCcd: Jobs, phases, and cost codes used in advanced accounting system interfaces.
Mfg: Manufacturers.
Msglib: P/O message library.
Pfms: dbItems (e.g. material items).
Pfmseqv: Equivalent items for cross references (e.g. "Comparator" data).
PFMSEqvJrnl: Comparator maintenance journal.
PO: Purchase Orders.
POFormat: P/O, quote, receiver, release, and change order form definitions.
POLine: Purchase order lines.
PolRel: P/O releases.
POLRev: P/O line revisions for change orders.
Pomsg: P/O messages.
POStatus: P/O status values.
Price: Vendor prices.
Rcv: Receivers.
RcvH: Receiving history.
RcvL: Receiving lines.
SecMenu: Used in Advanced Security.
SecRole: Used in Advanced Security.
SecRoleMenu: Used in Advanced Security.
SecUser: Used in Advanced Security.
SecUserCo: Used in Advanced Security.
SecUserRole: Used in Advanced Security.
System: System tailoring.
VAltAdd: Alternate vendor addresses.
VendIvc: Vendor invoices.
VendIvcL: Vendor invoice lines.
Vendor: Vendors.
VENDTERM: Vendor terms.
VIA: Ship via list.
WO: Work orders (used with advanced accounting system interfaces).
You may have other tables mentioned that are not listed. These might be part of your accounting system interface or might be for other uses. Please email support@vulcan-software.com if you want to know what they are.

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