Apex 18.1 Webcasts
 Title Description
318: Apex 18.1 Introduction and ErrataDownloadThis is the first part of a five-part webcast series covering the new features of Apex 18.1, including discussion of the Errata section (19 min)
318A: Analysis Cube Charting and Lead TimeDownloadThis webcast explores the new charting function in the Analysis Cube, and shows the proper use of the "Lead Time" statistic (14 min)
318B: Queue for AccountingDownloadA new feature of Apex 18.1 is the ability to view and set whether P/Os are queued for export to accounting. (8 min)
318C: Consolidated Material ReportDownloadThe Consolidated Material Report can now group equivalent items together. (3 min)
318D: Templates as "Kits"DownloadA new way to think about your templates is to set them up as "Kits", where you use the new quantity multiplier. (7 min)
Here are the videos for Apex 10, starting in 2010. Again, they are showing their age but the concepts live on.
 Title Description
310: Introduction to Apex 10DownloadThis is the first part of a ten part webcast series introducing the new features of Apex 10. (17 min)
310A: B2B CommunicationsDownloadApex 10 Business-to-business (B2B) communications. (18 min)
310B: Grid Sorting and GroupingDownloadApex 10 grid enhancements for sorting and grouping, including subtotal. (5 min)
310C: Grid FilteringDownloadApex 10 grid filtering. (27 min)
310D: Apex 10 Grid Column Selection and Grid PrintDownloadApex 10 grid column selection and Grid Print. (27 min)
310E: Report Interactive GridsDownloadApex 10 report output to an "Interactive Grid". (8 min)
310F: Document Imaging EnhancementsDownloadApex 10 document imaging enhancements including multi-page documents and editing tools. (17 min)
310G: Purchase Order AuditingDownloadApex 10 purchase order auditing setup and operation. (11 min)
310H: Analysis CubeDownloadApex 10 Analysis Cube -- data analysis and exploration. (17 min)
310I: ErrataDownloadApex 10 errata. (13 min)
These videos are getting a bit old (from 2006) and are due for re-recording, but they are available if you need them. Most of the screens have changed over the many years but the concepts are pretty much the same.
 Title Description
309: Introduction to Apex 9DownloadThis is the first part of the seven part webcast series introducing the new features of Apex 9. (7 min)
309A: Importing and ExportingDownloadApex 9 importing and exporting. (19 min)
309B: Price File LoadingDownloadApex 9 price file loading using custom file formats. (11 min)
309C: P/O Maintenance and PrintingDownloadApex 9 P/O maintenance and printing enhancements. (19 min)
309D: Document ImagingDownloadApex 9 document imaging. (10 min)
309E: Comparator MaintenanceDownloadApex 9 Comparator maintenance. (8 min)
309F: Final TopicsDownload Apex 9 final topics, including searching, release maintenance, and errata. (18 min)
309H: Apex 9.5 Part 1 of 3DownloadThis is the first of a 3-part webcast covering the new features of Apex 9.5. (17 min)
309I: Apex 9.5 Part 2 of 3DownloadPart 2 of 3. (15 min)
309J: Apex 9.5 Part 3 of 3DownloadPart 3 of 3. (17 min)